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Oh no! My Dryer Is Broken...or is it?



It's happened to the best of us... That great clothes dryer you paid top dollar for has, over time, lost it's effectiveness and now takes way too long to dry your clothes. You feel like you've been "taken" by slick ads and promises of "drying miracles" and think to yourself, well, here we go again...time to buy a new dryer. Here's where you need to STOP! Before you make that dreaded trip to the "big box" store to encounter another huge expense, give us a call. Chances are, your dryer isn't the problem! It's the vent. All dryer manufacturers state in their owner's manuals that flexible hose should NOT be used. It restricts airflow and creates longer drying times and more pull on your dryer's heating element and YOUR utility bill. Whether it's a gas or electric dryer, our unique Quick Connect Periscope is designed to create the maximum air flow and most efficient drying time. So call us today to schedule your installation at 704-846-8368 or order your do it yourself kit today and receive free shipping!