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Remodeling your laundry room? Read this before you get started!

Remodeling your home is one of the most daunting of tasks...plans, plans and more plans! Decisions to be made, colors to choose, appliances to pick out and measurements to take to make sure everything fits just right. So after making your choices and picking out the perfect washer and dryer, you get all the work done and uh oh...the dryer won't fit. You can't get the vent connected properly and all the flexible hose you attached to the vent is all bunched up behind the dryer! The laundry room must be too small...the dryer is too big...the contractor made an error in measurements...the stress starts to build as you try to figure out what in the world to do. But don't stress out! We have the answer to the dilemma right here. The Almetal Dryer Vent. It's unique and custom Quick Connect Periscope can be custom fit to virtually ANY dryer. Left, right, up or down in any direction...Best of all? The Quick Connect will allow your dryer to fit as close as 2" to 3" from the wall using NO HOSE! Plus it allows for maximum air flow and reduces drying times extending the life of that brand new shiny dryer you just bought. 

So be sure to include the Almetal Dryer Vent in your next remodeling job plans to save yourself a ton of time and stress.