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The Tale Of The Lost Sock


Laundry is an everyday part of life. Wash, dry, fold...and there's always that one lone sock that's lost his mate. Somehow you're convinced someone either broke in and stole it, the dryer ate it, or it simply ran away from home...even further, some think... A sacrifice to the "Laundry Gods"! 

The truth is, chances are it made its way behind your dryer. And there it will stay until...until you move, or your dryer breaks, or something happens that forces you to move the dryer against all wishes cause it's such a pain and behold...the long lost sock! Along with about 37 dust bunnies of various size and shape, at least $1.49 in change, and your son's favorite Panthers shirt you were convinced he'd left at school.  Then you notice that stupid, impossible to attach "flex hose" has come lose and your laundry room has a thick coat of lint and humidity. What started out as a quest to find that sock has now opened your eyes to all the things going on "behind the scenes" you weren't even aware of. This is something that can be easily avoided in so many ways! Replacing that flex hose with our Quick Connect Periscope not only eliminates the difficulty of moving your dryer to clean behind it, but it also makes it easier to put the dryer back in place once you're done. No longer will you have to fight to get the hose connected, and get it to stay in place while you move the dryer back to where it was. Not to mention, the amount of air flow you are restricting once that hose is all smashed against the wall and dryer once you're done. So head on over to the products section and order your Quick Connect Periscope kit today, or give us a call if you are in the Charlotte metro area and let us come custom install your Almetal Dryer Vent! 

Your long lost socks will thank you and may even think twice about "running away"!