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What's Lurking Under YOUR House?

If you are like most people, you put your laundry in the dryer, turn it on, set the timer and wait. What you may not know is what's happening "behind the scenes" in this process. As your clothes take that warm tumble, they are releasing water and lint. That water and lint then exit the dryer and just "disappear" right? Where DOES all that lint and water go? Well, if your dryer exits your home underneath in the "crawl space" area, then chances are it looks like the top half of this picture above.  Flexible "metal" hose connected from that hole in the floor of the laundry room all the way to the outside world. And that is where all the water and lint ends up. Trapped inside all those groves and folds of the flex hose. Over time, this collects and begins to sag. It clogs and suddenly what took 1 cycle time to dry now takes one and a half, or maybe even two. Folks, it's not your dryer that's the problem! It is the vent! The bottom half of this picture shows the end result after we replaced that terrible flex hose with rigid galvanized pipe from the floor of the laundry room all the way to the outside world. No bends, no groves or crevices for the lint to get trapped. If you are taking longer than 45 minutes to dry a load of clothes, you need our help. Contact us today at 704-846-8368 and let us guide you in the right direction to save both time and money!